Edison Chen Sex Photo Scandal on CNN

The Edison Chen photo scandal is a media scandal in early 2008 involving Hong Kong actor Edison Chen Kwoon-hei and various actresses, including Gillian Chung Yan-tung, Bobo Chan Man-woon, and Cecilia Cheung Pak-zhi.

Beginning in late January 2008, racy photographs of the aforementioned actor and actresses were circulated on the internet, through sites such as forums. As of 12 February 2008, nine people were arrested in connection with the distribution of the photographs. The scandal has continuously made front page of local newspapers for several weeks, and has made international news.

Despite enlisting the assistance of Interpol, the Hong Kong police have not been able to stem the spread of the photographs. Their crackdown has instead caused concern over violations of internet users privacy and free speech. The manner in which actors, their management, and the police have handled the scandal, in turn, made those arrested into heroes and martyrs.

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